Andy Harader Tennis Camp

Camp Information

Lots of Fun and Learning

Cool hours of the morning

Our weather is conductive to
a fun, safe, and nurturing atmosphere.

All summer, every week

Monday to Friday, 9 am – 12 pm
Ages 7 – 16, all levels

Passionate Instructors

Our instructors love what they do
and teach with passion.

Our Location

Palo Alto High School Tennis Courts
(behind PAUSD building located at)
25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Every year, our instructors develop as teachers and are endowed with more responsibility toward making camp a better experience. They are or were Palo Alto High School varsity players handpicked for their propensity toward teaching. Many are returning from college for the summer, and once again will pick up the torch. Our instructors write weekly evaluations on campers. Each observes a number of players and provides information on their needs and short-term goals.

Flexibile & Fun

The camp continues to improve through the implementation of new ideas for fun and learning, creating a successful program. Last year was the best yet. Introduction of the “8 Board”, a device to learn body movement; “System 5”, a program linking back swing to court position; and a new "games approach" to skill building were very successful additions. Also, feature tie-break matches on center court during our daily break proved to be not only educational and fun, but very entertaining. Campers and instructors play a rousing, narrated match for all to see and enjoy. All levels of players are included.

Camp Program Includes

  • Stroke technique and development
  • Footwork and agility training
  • Sportsmanship and etiquette learning
  • Coached singles and doubles matches
  • Mental toughness techniques
  • Awards, prizes, plus a camp T-shirt
  • Daily sodas or juices
  • Maximum 4 – 6 players/instructor
  • Half-hour private lesson/week/camper

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